Company Profile


With over 35 years of professionalism, TELECOMUNICAZIONI ALDENA is nowadays one of the leaders in the telecommunications and broadcasting industries.
Since 1979, on the basis of experience dating back as far as the Fifties, ALDENA - an entirely Italian Company - has been producing professional antennas and accessories for radio & television broadcasting and telecommunication.
Since its establishment, Aldena has taken part in important telecommunications network projects on both national and international level.
Thanks to the company’s valuable knowledge and skills gained over the years, Aldena is able to offer private and public Customers innovative products and solutions, which have enabled thousands of broadcasters go on air.

Professional antennas for radio or television broadcasting represent the main ALDENA product.
With them, and the vast range of accessories available, complex radiating systems are designed with performance levels optimised according to the territorial coverage requirements.

A complete and continuously growing product portfolio:

Professional antenna system for analogic and digital transmissions
Radio (FM),
TV (VHF Band I, VHF Band III, UHF Band IV/V),
Radio links.

Accessories and mechanical components
Balance and unbalance Power splitters designed for each specific need,
Headed and tested cables,
Connectors and adapters,
Filters and combiners,
Mechanical structures and mounting accessories.

Aldena also offers a range of value-added services: from radioelectric design and planning – obtained through a highly specialized software division – up to factory tests, installation and field strength measurement.

Day by day, constantly building on its results, ALDENA is gaining an International recognition from prime operators in public and private radio and TV broadcasters all over the world.
Numerous Government Broadcasters are using our antennas, and our software tools has been successfully adopted by Universities and Electromagnetic Emissions Control Agencies.