History Aldena

70 Years of experience. Ours is a story of work and harmony between tradition and innovation. Lionello Napoli was founded on 4 October 1944, the first Italian radio and television antenna manufacturing company.


In 1954, as a testimony to its great achievements, one of Lionello Napoli’s first products was chosen by Poste Italiane to feature on the stamp commemorating the foundation of Italian television.  

On 19 September 1979, Telecomunicazioni Aldena Srl (ALDENA), led by Giuseppe Napoli, Lionello’s son, was founded to design and produce transmitting antennas for radio and television broadcasting.

In the early 80s, the software and the service divisions were created to complete and integrate ALDENA’s solutions: the first dedicated to develop a software platform to design broadcasting systems, the second to provide pre-and post-sale support services.

This is way today ALDENA still enjoys a unique position on the international market.
ALDENA is the only professional antenna manufacturer that has chosen to share its know-how with its clients; this has allowed the Operators’ technical level to grow and stimulated the company to improve its products and services.
Still inspired by the same strong passion it was founded with, today ALDENA is a byword for reliability, which is why the company slogan is:
ALDENA the reliable Antennas