The migration to digital broadcasting technologies carries a wide of ongoing challenges and new objectives for broadcasters and transmission site owners, who need RF systems that support new technologies, minimize operating costs and have to last for many years.
Complete RF systems, engineered by experts, for premium performance, minimum signal waste and peace of mind.
That is why beside a wide range of components for Radio (FM, DAB), TV (VHF Band I, VHF Band III, UHF Band IV/V, analogue and digital) and radio links, our customers can benefit from a large variety of professional services.

A team of experienced engineers of ALDENA design and draw optimal solutions for all components between the output of the transmitter and the radiated signal.
Efficient instrumentation and an extensive series of software packages complete the resources at the disposal of Aldena’s technical department.
Every system can be customized, based on specific coverage requirements, territory conformation, existing infrastructure and future needs.
Our highly sophisticated computerised system allows for any type of radioelectric calculation, including area coverage calculation on orographic basis, constructed using a global terrain database.
Thanks to software made by Aldena own staff, we are glad to propose you the calculation services for the design and optimization of antenna systems.
The aim is to achieve the best performance in terms of antenna gain, ERP , irradiation diagram, and area coverage, which has to be in line with customer request.

As a result of constant growth, ALDENA is able to offer an increasingly vast array of professional, high-quality services.
We’re available to perform site surveys and analyses to assess existing infrastructure and to determine coverage requirements, plus installation supervision and/or commissioning up to field strength measurements.

ALDENA represents the ideal international partner for planning, design and final implementation of new SFN digital broadcast networks (DVB-T, DVB-H and DAB).
In terms of network planning services, ALDENA can offer a wealth of know-how on developmental aspects, due to its first-hand experience in the development of numerous high-profile installations around the world, as well as its expertise in and compliance with the various reference standards and national and international regulations (e.g. ETSI, ITU, CEI).