As far back as the early 1980s, the decision was made to establish a software division within ALDENA, which at that time was already an established and well-reputed manufacturing firm. Experience and professionalism combined with passion and enthusiasm have always been the driving force behind the ALDENA team.

Today our experience translates into innovative, high-quality software products with certified reliability, which ALDENA has developed and constantly improved for over 25 years; products which today represent the de facto standard in the sector.

It was in 1984 that our first product was developed by Giacomo Guardini and Giuseppe Napoli in the DOS environment.
In the 1990s the accumulated experience and specialist expertise of ALDENA and Giacomo Guardini paved the way for a joint venture with CCIR/UIT, culminating in the creation of the FMTVANT software tool.
In 1995 the prestigious “WINDOWS FOR ITALY” award became the first in a succession of national and international accolades garnered by the ALDENA team.
The SR (RADIATING SYSTEMS) series, better known as SR4, was the first ever professional product for the design of antenna systems. Thanks to SR software, many operators in the sector have been able to increase their level of professionalism by gaining an in-depth understanding of the electrical operation of compound antenna systems.
The NFA (NEAR FIELD ANALYZER) series, which was first developed in 1999, has become the most widespread software solution for evaluating the environmental impact of transmitting antennas.

Our programs for the design of radiating systems and for assessing the electromagnetic impact of transmitting antennas are today used throughout the world.

Building on the success of SR4 and NFA3D, ALDENA has developed its latest software product, EMLAB.
Based on a new platform and with vast processing potential, EMLAB is “the calculation software you were waiting for”!

EMLAB heralds a new era in the design of antenna systems for radio and television broadcasting and telecommunications: it is the first software tool for the calculation of electromagnetic fields which includes both the design of radiating systems, the evaluation of their electromagnetic impact, and coverage forecasts based on 3D relief modelling!
Owing to its modular and flexible structure, EMLAB is continually expanded and upgraded with a view to making it an even more essential instrument for telecommunication professionals.

EMLAB wins the Ecohitech Award 2008

Since 1998, Ecohitech is most prestigious award which honour companies who have demonstrated eco-friendly results in hi-tech fields such as electronics, electrotechnics and ICT.
ALDENA won the prize in the category titled "SERVICES” with EMLAB software. ALDENA has been choose by authoritative jury composed by members from world institution academy and business.