EMLAB Coverage

As well as enabling a simulation of the radiation solid generated by an Antenna System, EMLAB COVERAGE also assesses the radioelectric coverage on an orographic basis, thanks to the use of a somewhat detailed (3”) DTM (Digital Terrain Model) supplied together with EMLAB for the numerical reconstruction of the portion of territory chosen by the user.

The two calculations (design of the Antenna System and assessment of the radioelectric coverage on an orographic basis) are generally carried out by separate software.
With EMLAB, they combined on the same platform and interact in real-time, enabling an accurate assessment to be made.
The COVERAGE module calculates the radioelectric coverage using various algorithms (Free Space + Reflections and Multiple Diffraction [RMD], Hokumura-Hata ITU529, Hokumura-Hata Davidson, Cost 231, ITU-R 1546, ITU-R 1546 + RMD, ITU-R 1812 and Line-of-sight).
Maps chosen and geo-referenced by the user can be mixed with the reconstruction of the territory, providing all the information needed for localisation.
By operating directly on the 3D graphic representation it is possible to draw and represent territorial profiles and make the related calculation of the section profile.