EMLAB Enviroment

ENVIRONMENT has been created based on the very well known success of NFA product (NFAPRO - NFA2K - NFA3D) and has been thought to have most advantage from the extraordinary potential of the new EMLAB platform. Allow a full management, control and evalutation of the enviromental impacts caused by EM fields generated by trasmitting antennas, EMLAB ENVIRONMENT is the answer to the electromagnetic pollution problems.

A complete tool to identify Health EM risk and to facilitate EM re-solutions.

The most important features of ENVIRONMENT are its ability to display irradiation solids in 3D, to simulate buildings in the surrounding urban area and to generically calculate how theyobstruct the transmission.
ENVIRONMENT uses "far field in free space" calculation algorithms according to TEM propagation theory, for a conservative evaluation.
ENVIRONMENT takes into account all essential data to perform precise theoretical calculations conforming to applicable legislation and standards. It also allows you to perform extremely reliable preliminary evaluations without having to pass through complex processes or long virtual rebuilding.
For thse reasons, this software has been chosen as work platform and reference tool from main by hundreds of telecommunications operators including managers of transmission sites for Radio & TV broadcasting and mobile, technical consultants, Government Environmental Agencies, Ministry of Health, Supervisory Authorities, University and research centres.


  • Calculates isolevel curves for the total field irradiated by 100 Antenna Systems, on horizontal or vertical plane sections of the field

  • Calculates the volume of respect for the entire Site or for individual sectors (cells) of the Base Station for a determined value of field

  • Calculates field strength at the various user definable CONTROL POINTS located all around the Site and sums the input electromagnetic background levels.

  • Rebuilds the surrounding urban environment in the electromagnetic field, simulating any nearby buildings in 3D. All buildings in the urban environment can be simulated by parallelepipeds that can be sized and positioned as needed, or imported from SHP files

  • Calculates electromagnetic field distribution over building surfaces

  • Calculates the field only if in sight with antennas, taking into account obstructions caused by buildings and displays the changes in the irradiated field

  • Calculates the power reduction needed in line with applicable legislation and maximum permitted levels

  • Insertion of geographic maps, drawings or pictures as background for field curves

  • Exports in DXF format all the graphical representations

ENVIRONMENT is perfectly integrated into EMLAB platform.
It's available - as option - in any of current EMLAB versions : EMLAB BASE, EMLAB EVOLUTION, EMLAB COVERAGE o EMLAB MULTICOVERAGE