EMLAB Evolution

EMLAB EVOLUTION is the professional solution for project, design and rebuilt an antenna system. It enables a more thorough examination of the radiation solid generated, feeding an indefinite number of elementary antennas (Antenna System) with the same transmitter.

The solid is also analysed three-dimensionally, superimposed on maps or a reconstruction of the geographic territory (DTM - Digital Terrain Model), but without taking account of the obstructions caused by it.
As well as the maps chosen and geo-referenced by the user, reference masks and indications of the locations served can be superimposed on the horizontal polar diagrams (conical sections).
The software helps the user calculate the phase differences needed to obtain electric tilts, fill the first null, and obtain protection nulls.
EMLAB EVOLUTION also calculates the environmental impact value of the system in question. The radiated field near the antennas is analysed by vertical or horizontal plane sections that can be superimposed on maps or drawings and represented by iso-level curves or by coloured areas with level values and colours defined by the user.