EMLAB Multicoverage

EMLAB MULTI-COVERAGE is the module that can be used to assess the radioelectric coverage on an orographic basis of several Antenna Systems in a given geographical area, grouping them in a container called Sites or Stations.
The following processes can be launched from this container:

  • overall multiple radioelectric coverage of several Antenna Systems ;

  • footprint of the best server, i.e. an assessment of the area best served by each Radiating System in the group ;

  • interference calculation: a Antenna System with interference from a series of interfering Radiating Systems, with the possibility of swapping the reference Antenna System and quickly recalculating the new values.

  • coverage area calculation for SFN networks (DVB-T, DVB-H, DAB) with the possibility to optimize the analysis working on specific parameters (synchronization, type of service, modulation, etc).

The contents of each Antenna System can be directly accessed from each group of Stations, making the necessary modifications and immediately assessing the overall result.
The groupings of Stations are also useful for the overall assessment of a network of transmitters located in a given geographical area, or the transmitters of the same broadcaster.