EMLAB works on 3 main information levels: Elementary Base Antennas, Antenna Systems and Network (group of Antenna Systems).

The elementary antennas can be chosen from a wide data base supplied together with EMLAB and periodically update by Aldena free of charge, or it can be updated by the User.

EMLAB BASE is the entry level version of the EMLAB platform with which it is possible to create the RF radiation pattern generated by an indefinite number of elementary antennas arranged on a support structure in a heterogeneous manner and all fed by the same transmitter. This array is called “Antenna System”.


Powerful Antenna System Design

EMLAB EVOLUTION is the professional solution to design an antenna aystem and manage complex antenna arrays. The software helps the user to obtain H and V patterns modification, calculating the phase differences needed to obtain electric tilts, fill the first null, and obtain protection nulls. The user can make any type of mechanical (position) or electrical (phase/power) change of each antenna of the system and assess the results in real-time. The radiation solid generated can be analysed in 3D, superimposed on custom maps or on a DTM (Digital Terrain Model). As well as the maps chosen and georeferenced by the user, ERP reference masks and indications of the RX check points/locations can be displayed on the horizontal and vertical diagrams helping to the antenna system design.


Get your coverage

Antenna System Design and Area Coverage calculation are generally carried out by separate software, EMLAB COVERAGE merges them on the same platform and interact in real-time, enabling an accurate assessment.

EMLAB COVERAGE calculates the radioelectric  coverage,  thanks to a detailed DTM (Digital Terrain Model) supplied together with EMLAB.

This module includes various mathematica algorithms and propagation models:

Free Space + Reflections and Multiple Diffraction  [RMD]
ITU-R 529
Okumura-Hata Davidson
Cost 231
ITU-R 1546
ITU-R 1812
… and more!

Different maps and check points (RX localitions) can be displayed on the 3D DTM.

With 3D terrain, it’s possible to calculate the link budget/profiles of any STL and manage in easy way.

Advanced reports available (export onGoogleTMEarth/Maps, Covered/served population).


Network Planning

EMLAB MULTI-COVERAGE is the version that must be used to manage and plan any MFN/ SFN networks for analogue or digital signals.(DVB-T2, ISDB-T, DAB+, FM … and more)

Create a group of several Antenna Systems in a geographical area, and make coverage or interference calculations.

Plan the necessary modifications for each Antenna System and view the final results in real-time.

  • Real time network planning and optimization;
  • Coverage Area / Interference calculation for MFN/SFN networks;
  • SFN problem discovering;
  • Easy SFN Network parameters management (synchronization, modulation, code rate, guard interval, RX antennas, TX delay management, ITU-ETSI regulations, etc);
  • Advanced reports (export on Google Earth/Maps, Covered/served population);


Advanced NIR calculation and Field Strenght Exposure Management.

EMLAB ENVIRONMENT is used to identify health EM risks and to study EM re-solutions.

Manage, control and evaluate the EM fields generated by several trasmitting Antenna Systems.

It takes into account all essential data to perform accurate forecast calculations conforming  to applicable legislations or standards (ITU, ETSI, FCC, CEI).

  • Calculate the power reduction needed to be comply to permitted EM levels;
  • Calculate the isolevel curves for different EM field values;
  • Control EM field strength exposure in various Check Points defined by user;
  • Rebuild the surrounding urban area, simulating any nearby buildings in 3D and calculate the EM field distribution over buildings surfaces



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